Launching in October 2014


to the Ballantine’s Golf Club

I’m Ian Poulter, professional golfer and founding Club Captain. Throughout my life, I’ve always approached the game in my own way.

In today’s digital and fast changing world, modern golfers have created new ways to enjoy golf. The range, the course, the simulator, watching in the bar - it’s all golf.

The Ballantine’s Golf Club is a place for people like you and me. Who Stay True to our own way of enjoying golf. Whether player, fan or enthusiast, there will be something here for you, from exclusive content and a network of golfers to new places where you can enjoy the game.

Join me

In October we introduce an exciting new digital platform that will reinvent the club for today’s modern golfers. Sign up now to become one of the first members when the platform is activated in October. Until then, follow us on Facebook for updates.

See you on the green!

Your Captain,

Ian Poulter


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